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You Won’t Believe What Yemeni Youtube Creators are Doing !


Crowdfunding refers to the practice of eliciting donations from a group to raise money towards a single goal, and it’s been around a lot longer than you’d think. Today with another story of cooperation and helping each others and this time in Yemen .it’s human nature to want to help a neighbor or a community.


Despite what’s going on in the country a group of youth activist in social media launched a campaign called Yemeni Youtuber , the aim of that is to help the creators of Yemeni channels on YouTube to show their support and gain more subscribers.

Few days ago and it seemed crackdown,  the turnout had been significantly high and the  campaign has got a lot attention within social media .

This campaign will continue until the beginning of the next year and its on all social media under the hashtag of #يوتيوبر_يمني .

Feel free to follow up the campaign and join by sharing the channels on your personal profile page .

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