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Why You Should Be Influencer Marketing

Smart marketers work hard to coordinate with brand influencers. This alliance has proven to be ideal for quickly expanding a brand’s visibility. Influencer marketing introduces your brand to a larger audience in a shorter time. When your marketing is aligned with influencers, you will experience more website traffic, leads, followers, and subscribers.

Another advantage that comes from influencer marketing is stronger SEO. One of the ranking factors used to study marketing includes influencer marketing and it’s been shown to be ideal for optimizing organic searches.

Here are four reasons to incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing strategies.

Generate more website traffic

Influencer marketing generates more traffic to your website both from referral links and direct traffic. Website traffic comes in fifth as the most influential factors on Google’s algorithm per Moz and Backlinko studies.

If you’ve never thought of using guest posting, you should. You will generate more traffic and you will build solid relationships with influencers. Influencers will share your content on their social media networks, where your audience will be engaged. Social media may not influence your organic search ranking, but it will increase your website traffic, which will positively impact your ranking over time.

Make your content stand out

It takes time to build a solid relationship with an influencer. Once you do, it will be highly beneficial to your brand. You should look for mid-level influencers when you’re just starting out since the high-level influencers are often too busy to work with you. However, a mid-level influencer comes with a growing audience and will likely become a high-level influencer and grow with you.

Over time, you will see a boost in traffic as well as more inbound links that provide more exposure. Other people who see your content will likely curate and link back to you. In other words, your content and your influencer’s content will snowball.

YouTube videos create high visibility

You will engage more influencers and experience higher visibility and site traffic with YouTube videos. Since the Panda update, website traffic has increased through video. Just like your website content should be highly relevant, authoritative, and have ample traffic, so should your videos. That is how you get the best search results rankings and engage with brand influencers.

Once you partner with an influencer or two, let them produce videos as well as blog posts as your guests. When you diversify your content, you expand your reach to a wider audience and you can obtain the coveted first page in organic searches.

Broaden your link profile

Even though Google has altered its algorithms to eliminate junk content from search results, backlinks are still crucial to your Google ranking. The algorithm for backlinks has also changed and it scores them according to authority, relevancy, and quality of the backlink’s source.

Create content with value not simply to gain ranking, but to provide something of value to your audience and to improve your reach. Doing so will also help you generate more organic and natural links that will boost your backlink profile on Google and other search engines.

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