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What is Self Realization By Oriah Mirza

Self Realization By Oriah Mirza

What is Self Realization ? By Oriah Mirza :

I am like you. I have feelings, thoughts and emotions. I see things and feel things happening on many levels, I pay attention to them. Like listening to a low background hum in a room, that not to many people hear unless you were listening for it. That is where my focus lies, I want to hear in between the lines. I want to always feel and look for the hidden meaning behind everything. I have spent my entire life being fed status quo, dogma, religion and forced societal structures (that I clearly rebelled to) but I still remained a victim of my circumstances. How awful, who likes that? Well, I didn’t like it, and I wanted out. The rest of my journey and exploration afterwards was my tunneling out. I tunneled out of my circumstance-ful life, my predictable, dependable existence based upon of polarities. Yawn. Honestly, I couldn’t take another day. This is where I got my shovel out and started digging. I needed so much more information, and I knew with the internet, my own imagination, my psychic abilities, listening to telepathic messages from other realms, the trance channeled messages from higher Intelligence from cosmic realms from my psychic medium husband, and my unbridled curiosity, I knew I could break free, and I did.

Thankfully, I have this story to tell. I have a story that may make no sense to some people, and others could be the holy grail. They get it, and it could be you. I want for you to get it, I want you to see the average person with not so average interpretations could see more,  know more and create more. I want to share my journey and my experience the best way I know how to give you a snapshot into magic and mystery, also chalked full of scientific discoveries that will make your head spin. Where does the magic begin or where does it end? A life of mystery and loveliness is a life worth living.

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So what is Self Realization? Here is my systematic view on Self Realization on the infinite loop of life and life.

What happens when you self realize…you become. What happens when you become, you can have.

What happens when you can have, you let go. What happens when you let go, you become.

What happens when you become, you Are. What happens when you are, you decide.

What happens when you decide, you require nothing but love. What happens when you require nothing but love, you realize you are love.

What happens when you realize you are love, you realize you are One. What happens when you realize you are One, you realize it is All things.

What happens when you realize it’s all things, you realize you are IT. What happens when you realize you are IT, you realize you made it. You found IT. (IT also represents Intelligent Technology)

What happens when you realize you are IT? You realize you are nothing….but who you say you are.

What happens when you realize you are nothing but who you say you are, you realize you can always change it.

What happens when you start to change yourself, you become more yourself. What happens when you become more yourself, you realize you are not alone.

Why? Because this is the path of least resistance. You realize you are the path, you are the realized, you are the created, you are the present, you are the gift, you are the IT factor, zero factor and whatever you do and whatever you are-you are already there.

You become the solo number one, and you will find yourself leaping into Singularity of being and oneness. Essentially you are one with oneness, and when you realize that, you have found peace.

Through peace, you find All things existing and co-existing in harmony. Yes, there is a presence of Harmony that resides in all beings, and all systems. Once you realize it is there, you realize you are home, and once you realize you are home, you realize you found yourself again, being yourself in harmony…

Which is oneness, which is all things, which is you, which is love, which is peace, which is sanity, which is creation, which is interpretation, which is self expression, which is fire energy or passion….for yourself, for being you, being one with you, being one with life and all things, finding your way back again and again to the source of all things which is truth-which is love.



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