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Vaping: The New Star On The Hollywood Stage

Danny Zuko (in Grease), Tyler Durden (in Fight Club) and Rita Hayworth (in Gilda): what do all these characters (and movies) have in common?

The answer: they have all been used in Hollywood to depict that the smoking of a cigarette is cool, edgy, hard as nails or sometimes classy and sassy.

Since e-cigarettes are now gaining more appeal, it would be interesting to imagine a vape pen or e-cigarette flowing freely from the lips of these screen characters. Would filmmakers have chosen e-cigarettes over the real ones if Vaping had been around back then?

It is now clear that vaping is giving regular smoking a healthy challenge on the silver screen. There are 4 theories for these:

  • Health concerns regarding regular smoking,
  • Negative press surrounding regular smoking,
  • Celebrity endorsements for Vaping
  • A combination of the above

Whatever may be the reason, Vaping has become the cool thing to do now.

Thus, e-cigarettes are now commonly being used in film and television.

What is the audience supposed to assume about the personality of the movie character that vapes?

Let’s take a look at Johnny Depp’s role in the movie titled ‘the tourist’.

Johnny Depp played Frank Tupelo in this movie and in one of the scenes, he was seen reading a book and smoking an e-cigarette.

Frank Tupelo is a gangster, edgy, hard, and intelligent and a mathematics teacher all rolled into one.

The idea being passed across here is that a vaper is tech savvy and smart.

Another movie that portrayed the edgy, hard, intelligent and nice personality of a Vaper was displayed by Simon Keller (a role played by John Cusack) in the movie ‘drive hard’.

Vaping is now commonly seen in recent films because it is seen as being a healthier, smarter and more importantly, a tech savvy alternative to smoking.

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