Terra Incognita of Alexey Klokov Exhibition Review

This year, Seyhoun Gallery near Beverly Hills had a landmark exhibition. Alexey Klokov made his Los Angeles debut. Klokov has exhibited all over the world from Moscow to London, from Tokyo to Washington. While not his first time showing in the United States, it is his first time with works on the West Coast.

The exhibit featured 10 works by Klokov drawn together from all around the world. There was something for everyone from lovers of the representational to devotees to abstraction. Featured prominently was Autobiography, a delightful splash of Roman and Cyrillic characters across a red field that inspires the viewer’s own contemplation of the meaning of the Self, and each of our own life stories. Delicate linework atop a creamy, rich background of red and blacks draws the “writing in tongues” into sharp focus.

Among the other works exhibited were Inevitable, Urban Romance, and Spring Solo, each from wildly different series. The show itself was an exploration of the artist’s entire oeuvre. By gathering the diasporic artworks together, Seyhoun Gallery transported the viewer into Klokov’s studio, in a way. For nowhere else one would be able to walk such a short distance but be transported into a completely different world.

Artist Alexey Klokov was born in Russia on August 2nd 1965. His first guide to the world of Art became avant garde artist Anatoly Zverev that Alexey Klokov met in 1985. The artist received a professional degree of a restorer at The Leningrad Higher School of Art and Industry (St Petersburg, Russia) after the death of his genius mentor Anatoly Zverev. He first completed an internship in restore workshops of the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery from 1991 to 1994, then four years of obedience as an iconographer, – all that experience formed his unique style.

There is no space for planning for Alexey Klokov, he paints as he feels, without prior sketches. However, his spontaneity is controlled by Alexey’s artistic spirit and his accumulated spiritual power. One of the main concepts his art is based on cornucopia of colors and strong laconism. As an experienced restorer he professionally uses gold leaf, antiques, coins, and gold in his art. His most expensive art work is an installation decorated with high grade gold weighted 1546 grams total.

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