SuitMe: Taking Fashion To The Next Level

The innovations taking place at the intersection of fashion and technology are profoundly amazing and transformative. In many respects, the fashion industry today bears little resemblance to that of a decade ago and will change even more in the decade ahead.

Some things about Fashion will never change. I can confidently predict that, but now there’s a whole world of fashion activity to occupy phones and everyone using them.  Legendary Suitme is trying to enhance and revolutionize the future of fashion world .

SuitMe is a social, solving real-life problems application, which helps users to clarify the opinion if one particular piece of clothing suits the rest of your attire or in making a decision between the two sets of outfits. By SuitMe you are also being given an unique opportunity to become a top-class stylist in the future. It’s simply #fashionrevolution!

Here is how it works : 

As simple as you can imagine! After choosing/taking a photo or a collage from the library and eventually leaving a comment, emoticon or filter – it is being placed on the server. Your photo is rated by your friends, followers, people who are in your neighborhood or random users if they reserve the location settings. Your photos will be available for rating for 3 hours with the opportunity to have this time being prolonged if the photo is commented. People who evaluate the photo are supposed to choose between „yes” and „no” option or to click „I don’t know” giving you a feedback that they are not certain. Apart from evaluation photos, you can also leave a comment. All the users have access to statistics. It is possible to see the number of votes, comments as well as the voters themselves. The next function is ranking. Thanks to it you can see the best makeovers from the last 24 hours from all over the world, or just your neighborhood, if you wish , here is a video that will explain the steps in details

Kickstarter Goal : 

According to SuitMe Team and It’s CEO & Founder Maciej Mazurek said “Our main goal is to create the perfect application, with a great marketing and advertisement background. The more money we raise, the stone SuitMe will be launched. Due to the fact that SuitMe is the social app, we have decided to go cross funding and give a priority to society to contribute to this ground-braking project.”

 To show your support and kick start this project please click here or follow us on Facebook


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