Stay Me Christian an Official Partner of Kerusso

Kerusso’s President and CEO, Vic Kennett, founded the company in 1987. Starting with a $1000 family loan and three Christian T-Shirt designs, Kerusso was born in a spare room of the Kennett house. Vic placed an ad in Campus Life magazine and began a mail-order business. While still working full-time as a carpenter, he would check the mail for orders during his lunch breaks. When he had enough orders, he’d take them to a local screen printer to print. Barely breaking even with this approach, he almost quit – but was encouraged by his sister not to give up.

He decided that selling Wholesale Christian T-Shirts might be a better route, and took two days off of work to visit Christian Retail Stores in the area near his Eureka Springs, Arkansas home. He discovered there was a demand, added a few more designs, and tracked down a sales group to carry his designs to the Christian Retail market.


Styles, design trends and color palettes change rapidly, but using T-Shirts as a clever way to share your faith doesn’t change! Vic says, “Message is number one, and if you can mesh that with current trends you have an impactful combination that will capture people’s attention and hopefully change a life!”

Year after year, Kerusso is recognized by retailers as the #1 supplier of Christian T-Shirts. But Beyond that great honor, an even greater honor is hearing the stories of T-Shirt Evangelists sharing their faith and bringing people to Christ because of a conversation that was sparked by the message that was communicated through a Kerusso Christian T-Shirt. To God be the glory!


Stay Me Christian is a official partner of kerusso,one of the origanal pioneers of T-Shirt Evangelism and today is the leading producer of Christian T-Shirts.Stay Me Christian T-Shirts,Caps,Jewelry,Gifts and Accessories. http://www.staymechristian.com
Phone 706-778-1855

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