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Stay Fit Whilst Travelling with Fit and Funky

The world of business is filled with companies started by close friends. Think Bill Gates, who together with his high school pal Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Or Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, comrades from their days at Stanford University. Or Apple’s Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, neighborhood buddies whose friendship evolved through their shared passion for technology and practical jokes.

Launching a business and seeing it take off can be incredibly rewarding when you’re doing it with a friend by your side, but successful partnerships such as these are the exception.

Same story here also with Naomi Lecointe the co owner and her friend Laurie Small of Fit and Funky. Both of them are a fitness instructors and they share the passion of fitness, travelling and having fun in the sun .

Being friends for almost 14 Years and creating this Fit and Funky experience is what makes them great .

According to Naomi Lecointe explaining how the idea started , “12 years ago we were having a chat in one of the gyms we work at and we were talking about holidays and where I have travelled too and how I love travelling abroad and we said wouldn’t it be amazing to teach classes to a group of our members in luxury hotels.

We thought if we can take away all the stress from people of planning their holidays and we can take care of booking flight, transfers, hotel, fitness classes and evening entertainment make their life a lot easier we were sure people would be interested . Then we spoke to some of our fellow instructors and thought a variation of classes from Zumba, Pilates , Boxing and Step just to names a few would be fun for the day but what about the evening, so we decided to have parties in the evening and brought our own DJs.

Their first trip was a weekend to Spain which was a bed and breakfast package , the trip was very successful as we brought 88 people and they loved it but everyone said it was too short.” And BOOM the idea was a success and how they do it was awesome , so they decided to go for the second event putting in their mind either to go big or die trying , so they decided to take it this time to Portugal for 5 days on a half board basis ,fitness classes in the morning till 1pm then the members can enjoy the afternoon to sunbathe, sight see or relax at the Spa. Then evening entertainment in the form of themed parties, quizzes and games nights .

The first and second event were a great success for them and they got everyone’s attention , the feedback after that last trip was great . They decided to go for Turkey in their 3rd year of business and as the fun with fitness follows them to Portugal it was their duty to bring it to turkey , not only did everyone love it but we  had to booster from them to grow even bigger and concur the world .

From then they have gone from a chatting at the gym lounge to a successful business growing bigger and stronger every year , every year they go somewhere different .

As of now they have been to Cyprus , Morocco, Turkey Tunisia, Mexico in 5 * hotels with the all inclusive package and taken between 80-110 people every year.

Naomi  added, “ We have so much fun and a great bunch of people that enjoy our Fit and Funky experience and that’s why people keep coming back every year.”

Remember that their next trip is May 2017 for me I can’t wait , what about you ?

For more info about this successful business and joining their adventure please visit their official website : http://www.fitandfunky.com

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