Peter Lik Style Prints – What is it?

Peter Lik (born 1959) is a photographer from Australia, best known for his nature and panoramic landscape images. With at least 13 galleries currently operating across the US, many in high traffic vacation destinations, there has been an increased interest in his work in recent years. As a result Lik has enjoyed a great deal of success. On December 9th, 2014, Lik reportedly sold The worlds most expensive photograph though many news outlets and art critics, including the New York Times dispute this anonymous sale. One thing is for certain, Lik and his work both create quite a buzz.

Peter Lik Style? What IS it?

I regularly receive questions from perspective buyers of my limited edition pieces about the visual style of Peter Lik Prints, usually after viewing his work while traveling or after participating in one of the closed door light presentations that his galleries often provide. The question of how his prints appear to be back-lit or illuminated is one often posed to me by potential collectors. The apparent mystery of this style is even debated by other photographers and capitalized on by various online print labs looking for new customers. I would personally describe Peter Lik’s style as bold, colorful and vibrant. These prints are produced as acrylic face mount pieces and the “look” or “style” of the print is achieved through the print process itself, coupled with high quality lighting in a dim gallery environment. For many, walking into a Lik gallery is often a persons first time seeing large format nature photography presented this way, using high quality papers like FujiFlex, showcased using a gallery quality presentation like face mounting. This type of photographic print process, when produced using high quality film or digital files IS quite stunning. When that visual beauty is combined with a generated level of excitement from a gallery director or art consultant, it can almost feel magical. Unfortunately, once entranced by the beauty of the work, the opportunity to own one of these visually stunning pieces, for most, is often hindered by the reality of the purchase price. Is this asking price worth it? Is it a worthwhile investment? That is up to you as prospective buyer to decide. I appreciate many of the pieces Lik offers on a personal level and if you enjoy his work and can afford the prices that he commands I would encourage you to look further into purchasing a piece for yourself from one of his many galleries. If paying the price of a new car for a piece of art that hangs on your wall seems a little bit lofty, sit back and keep reading.

What Are Acrylic Face Mounted Prints?

Face mounting is a print finishing process that involves taking a traditional photographic print and applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the print to then adhere (back mount) the print to acrylic glass.  Once this process is completed, a backing material like Komatex or Dibond is adhered to the backside of the print to offer protection and provide stability to the artwork. Finally, the completed piece is either framed externally or finished with a float mount that allows the print to hang frameless on the wall appearing to float in place. This type of finishing process does not require an external frame and offers a clean and modern appearance.

Acrylic Face-Mounted Prints by Aaron Reed

Acrylic Face Mounted prints are my suggested print medium of choice for a number of reasons, the first and most important of these being the image quality and overall visual presentation of the work. As described above, dynamic images produced as gallery quality acrylic face mounted prints, when produced by a master printer using the finest materials available today are without equal. I direct hundreds of these pieces to be produced on my behalf for collectors of my work each year with staggering results. The detail, contrast, color and luminosity of these prints is spectacular and the way the images appear to grow brighter & richer depending on the quality of light falling on them is nothing short of exquisite. While the cost of these pieces keep some potential customers from owning this type of art, those who are fortunate enough to treat themselves are never disappointed in having made this decision. Just as Mr. Lik does, many photographers around the world use this type of medium to show their finest work to the public.

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