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Poor children in Southeast Asia get poor education and remain poor

Openmind Projects, An Organization With Great Ideas & People hence the poor quality of education in Southeast Asia, as reflected in low learning levels, traps many of its young people in poverty and prevents faster economic growth and more broadly shared prosperity, the World Bank said today in a report.

The poor quality of education in Southeast Asia is a major obstacle to the region’s future economic prospects

Although significant progress toward achieving universal primary education has been made over the past decade, (OOSC)  which stands for out of school children  remain a pervasive global problem. According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS 2014), there are nearly 58 million OOSC of primary school age in the world, 7 millions of whom are in East Asia and the Pacific (EAP). While EAP has a relatively low rate of OOSC and has made major strides toward achieving universal primary enrolment, we show that there are significant economic costs associated with maintaining the status quo of recent years, and that continued effort to enrol Southeast Asia’s remaining OOSC is urgently needed.

Openmind Projects, a small organization with great ideas and great people as a nonprofit NGO, charity, based in Thailand. They started in 2002 with the mission to help people to better learning opportunities and the idea that IT can be the poor man’s best help. Poor, young people in Southeast Asia have limited access to good, if any, education So they end up as poor farmers or in low paid, sometimes risky jobs in factories, construction or the tourism business.

Story Behind OpenMind Projects :

Was born as www.itinisan.org, as a pioneer computer training project in Thailand. How to give poor young people another chance to learn by using computers and Internet. The first three projects were two orphan homes and a village. They placed computers in the orphan home libraries and on the kitchen floor in a village house!

Sven Mauleon, from Sweden, asked Gaweechat Joompaula, a rice farmer son from Thailand, to help the kids to learn by showing them, not teaching them, what they can do with a computer. Thet called it DED, Demonstrate (to make the kids interested) then let them Explore by themselves and find out, Discover, (learn) what they can do. Learn by Doing!

OpenMinds Projects hub, their learning and development centre for all, where they  train volunteers and staff.

At the center they invite young people from Southeast Asia on scholarships as their trainees to prepare them for a better future also to learn about the world, to learn online, improve their English and become independent thinkers.

On the other hand they are welcoming volunteers by starting with a free training week before they go on to their volunteer missions.

The Hub Facilities

  • Staff Office

  • Training Room for trainees and volunteers with computers with internet. Small library.

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Rest areas

  • Ball court

  • Kitchen and Eating area

  • Wi-Fi everywhere

  • Organic garden

Meet the team behind OpenMinds

Sven Mauleon, from affluent Sweden, and Gaweechat Joompaula, from a rural village in Thailand, are the co-founders of Openmind Projects. They set out together to find ways to use IT to help the poor. Sven’s focus is on developing the organization and the way we work, train and help people. He brings extensive international and Thailand experience to Openmind Projects. Gaweechat is now our operating and IT manager, a self-taught and true role model to local people!

Sven: ‘I had an idea to bridge knowledge divides between rich and poor with the help of IT. And now we bridge culture divides between local people and overseas volunteers too!’

Gaweechat: ‘I grew up without electricity in my village but I got a chance to  learn to use computers to help other people. We believe in learning by doing. Let people like me take responsibility and learn from their trials and errors.’

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