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New Types of Sparklers Introduced to the Market

Fireworks are a huge part of American culture, and they only become more popular with each passing year. The idea of summer and fireworks go hand-in-hand, and simple items like sparklers dominate the market as a best seller. However, over time many people have grown tired of the same old sparklers being on the market, and sales have stagnated in recent years. Fortunately, there are bold new companies out there that are taking a stand against dusty old sparklers by creating new and exciting versions.

Most notably, there is a company named Wedding Day Sparklers that has introduced three new types of sparklers to the US market in the last two years and has another “top secret” style coming out in the next few months. They originally started out as a company that served the wedding industry with sparklers, but they have branched out into an all-around sparkler powerhouse. Though wedding sparklers are still their “bread and butter”, what has customers clamoring the most are their much more unique offerings.


Wedding Day Sparklers introduced 18 inch neon sparklers over three years ago as their first cutting-edge addition to the marketplace. Shortly after, they introduced heart shaped sparklers which gave birth to a whole new generation of sparkler shapes including numbers, stars, and much more. Most recently, they introduced bottle/cake sparklers to the world which makes birthday and wedding cakes more exciting or you can optionally attach them to bottles before your wedding toast. All three have fundamentally changed the way we look at sparklers, but the company insists that this is only the beginning.

Wedding Day Sparklers is quite guarded about what the future holds in the sparkler industry as they work with manufacturers to create the next great firework. However, one thing is for certain; with the track record they have of innovative and unique sparklers already in the marketplace, you can continue to expect great things from the largest retailer of sparklers in the country.

For more info : http://weddingdaysparklers.com



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