New Born Music Artist

Still At It

Sir Ceazar was born and raised in Columbia, An artist born to make music and entertain the masses. His track “Still At It” gives us insight into his life and his movement.

When asked about his inspiration he recently said in a news article.

“I was inspired to write to get into the music industry after I found out some of my friends was starting to write music. It motivated me to try it out and my first song I wrote I just loved the compliments from it. From there it motivated me to keep going. And when I learned that a lot of people who aren’t even major artists in the industry are actually making a comfortable living off it and are making more then doctors then that was even more motivation. I immediately told myself I had to potential to do so also and make money off doing something I loved to do.” Sir Ceazar said.

His main goal as an artist is to make a living from it. To be able to eat, sleep, and breathe through his music. To be able to take care of his family from his music, He really wants to market and promote worldwide! Which is why he is working so hard.

Certainly a step up from the rest. Ceazar is always open for new business opportunities and is definitely an up and coming entrepreneur in the music industry. AzzNation has been his promotion and management company for around a month now and they really do think this man will go far!

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