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Lia Kees Miss Europe – World Next Top Model 2016

Lia Kees, 21, recently won the 2016 Miss Europe World Next Top Model Pageant in Lebanon. The queen relocated to Czech Republic in ’09 2009. Since her crowning Lia journeys the earth and works together with many international famous professional photographers. Lia being a model was her first big success and she was  in front page of Playboy magazine in 2014 & 2015.


Miss Europe 2016 and the world next top model 2016 Lia Kees is living the dream of every aspiring model by working with the the best which recently had a shooting with Stefan Imielski and visage by star Visagist Stefan Niedenzu for a cover – ( the name cannot be published now ) On MALLORCA , Spain with very professional production. she doesn’t consider herself as having “made it” yet that’s why she keeps working to succeed and achieve her dreams.


Since then, the 21-year-old Lia Kees beauty has traveled from one city to another shooting and following the fashion .

In her words lia said that “ The goal is to represent the new generation of European Women. I would like to show that we are proud to be European.” On the other hand she defines beauty as “a mix between strong personality, hard work and a healthy body.

The best thing that happened to Lia kees is that she had the chance to open her mind very early. This gave her the opportunity to live as an independent woman at the very early age.

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