Is Chia Seeds The Answer To Your Low Calorie Smoothie?

There are a thousand and one things you can put in your health smoothie. Finding the right ingredients means being able to construct a tasty, nutritious, and rewarding smoothie that keeps you going throughout the day.

Interested in creating a low calorie smoothie? You’re in luck. Keep following along, as we go into a controversial ingredient and see whether or not it is right for low calorie smoothies. In particular, we ask the question, is Chia Seed the answer to your low calorie smoothie? Below we take a moment to find out.

Chia Seeds

Do chia seeds provide benefits for a low calorie smoothie? Absolutely! They not only are great for making low calorie smoothies, but also they have a ton of other health benefits. Chia Seeds contain an incredible amount of nutrients. In a single oz. serving of Chia Seeds, you get 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat with 5 of those grams being omega-3s, 18% of your daily calcium, 30% of your daily magnesium, 30% of your daily manganese, and 27% of your daily phosphorous. Along with containing a lot of vitamins, an ounce of Chia Seeds is only 137 calories. Simply put, you get a tremendous bang for the calories you include.


Another thing worth looking at when it comes to Chia Seeds are their carbs. For a weight loss smoothie to be low in calories, it should lack traditional carbs. Instead traditional carbs should be replaced with fiber filled carbohydrate ingredients, like Chia Seeds. This makes Chia Seeds the ideal ingredient for your low calorie weight loss smoothie. Along with providing you with a range of nutrients, Chia Seeds also have almost all of their carbs in fiber. As the fiber is not processed in the body. Instead it will help you to feel fuller and decrease the amount of calories you absorb, as the calories from high fiber carbohydrates are not absorbed by the body.

Chia seed 

A final thing worth considering is protein. Protein can make you feel fuller, sooner. Diets higher in protein have shown to reduce the amount we think about food, making it easier for us to be healthy and eat right. Chia Seeds contain small amounts of protein. They ultimately work in synergy with protein packed ingredients or supplements. I have found Hydro Whey to be a great tasting whey protein that mixes well with both Chia Seeds and milk. Together with additional protein, Chia seeds in your smoothie can help you lose weight.

Ultimately, Chia Seeds become effective when used as a part of a much larger dietary plan. Providing you with a particular kind of benefit, they complement your weight loss diet and low calorie consumption. While alone they may not do much, they become maximally beneficial when you have a well-rounded approach to being healthy. So consider picking some up today and good luck experimenting with Chia Seeds in your next low calorie weight loss smoothie!

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