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Instead Of Throwing Your Furniture , You can Spray Them !

Furniture isn’t designed to last forever, with the exception of a few, rare vintage antiques that survive the ravages of time. Even the best quality, high-end brands have their lifespan. Modern furniture is especially vulnerable, since it’s less likely to be built at the same standards of furniture pieces in the past. Again, there are exceptions to the rule, but mostly, furniture comes and goes as people buy, sell, or toss it.

That being said, people today are more likely to try to renovate or repair damaged, ugly, or stained furnishings. More and more people are buying used couches/sofas, loveseats, chairs, and other home furnishings to save money. Sometimes you get lucky and the furniture is in almost perfect condition and needs no repairs or covers.

Then there are people who like to “rescue” furniture from the torture of being neglected and mistreated. That is when a product like Simply Spray Fabric Paint comes in handy. While there are other ways to restore an old piece of upholstered furniture, Simply Spray makes the process faster and easier.


Project and photo by Elizabeth Hoskinson for Simply Spray 

What are some ways you can choose to restore furniture?

  • Acrylic paint – Yes. You can literally brush paint your upholstered furniture. The problem with that is that it’s regular acrylic paint that is very stiff when it dries unless you water it down a bit. Even watered down, it dries stiffer than the fabric’s original texture, so it’s not suitable for a sofa, chair, or loveseat you’re using indoors.
  • Furniture covers – They make fitted and universal furniture covers for almost every type of sofa, couch, loveseat, and chair on the market. It’s fast and easy, but even the best, most expensive covers won’t stay put. It’s okay for a temporary solution, but these covers are costly and not as effective as most people expect.
  • Reupholster – You can take your furniture to a professional and have it reupholstered, or you can learn to do it yourself and take on that DIY task. This solution is time-consuming, tedious, and if you have it done by a professional, very expensive. It’s even costly if you buy all the upholstery fabric, tools, and supplies to do it yourself.
  • Simply Spray – Once you realize the costs involved for rescuing your own old furniture or a piece you found at a thrift store or yard sale, you will be happy to know that Simply spray is the easiest, least expensive (in most cases), and fastest way to make your upholstered furniture look like new again.

What are the benefits of Simply Spray Fabric Spray?

  • Non-Toxic propellant and paint
  • Non-Flammable
  • UV protection
  • CFC Free
  • Safe to use around and with children
  • No fumes or odors
  • Easily washes off hands
  • Fast-Drying within 30 minutes and washable within 72 hours
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Soft to the touch once dry
  • Permanent and fade-resistant – won’t rub off
  • No-Heating required for drying – dries fast at room temperature
  • Cheaper and more resilient than other options

Life is simply too short to sit on ugly furniture, especially when Simply Spray Upholstery Paint is so simple to use.

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