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Instagram Food Journey

Eating is a prominent part of our everyday lives. Food is essential to survival; however, when high-quality food is prepared by an experienced person it becomes much more than essential, it becomes an enjoyable and unique palate experience. In addition, when served in the correct environment, food can facilitate a unique social and cultural experience. The goal, of  Devin through his Instagram page @restauranteating, is to allow you, the reader, to become immersed in his food-related journey as he displays it through the lens of his camera. Devin is twenty-two year old Canadian university student who lives on the east coast. He is passionate about trying new foods and entering the vast variety of different cultures present in each restaurant environment. He photographs his food and uploads it on his social media so that his followers can feel engaged in his awesome experience.


His journey has an audience of approximately 7900 followers on Instagram, who view his daily photograph uploads based on his experience that day.

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