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How To Keep Secure Online

You may not be as protected as you think.  This is not a scare tactic, and actually speaks to the overwhelming majority of people online.  Unfortunately, technology which has brought the world so many things to advance knowledge, communication and innovation, among others, also exposes users to unseen dangers.  In this modern age, tech savvy hackers, fraudsters and criminals have methods and tactics to reach their targets from all corners of the globe.  So why, oh why are people still content with their antiquated security measures?

There was a time when all we had to worry about was the money and ID in our wallets, however these days our digital identity and holdings have exceeded the importance of the physical.  Now is the time to shore up the walls that tirelessly protect our personal data and information.  Passwords are often overlooked, which is a real wonder because more often than not, it is all that stands in between criminals and your money, accounts and online persona.  No, it’s not just a matter of inserting a capital letter or number, it’s about using a lot of words, phrases and symbols.  They don’t have to be in order either.  In fact, the harder it is for you to remember or enter, the harder it is for hackers to break it (generally speaking).  Strong passwords should go around to all your accounts.  The more variety of passwords, the better.

While you’re at it, extend the same kind of treatment to the security question.  Having a weak security question is a gaping vulnerability that is just begging to be exploited by cybercriminals.  Weak questions quickly lead to the passwords.  Strong security questions send the reader on a mental quest before reaching the hint to the answer.  To further bolster security, consider implementing the popular 2-step authentication, which forces the user to validate their identity twice before they gain access.  Also look to only use sites that are coded as HTTPS which ensures that your data streams and packets are fully encrypted.

While the above methods are great ways to increase security they are not the only ones, nor do they need to be mind bending puzzles.  Take Google Voice for instance.  It is a powerful tool used by millions the world over, but by simply unlisting their phone numbers from it (a process that takes no more than a minute), users can greatly decrease their chances of being hacked or breached.  Creating an alternate email used explicitly for account logins will decrease the odds that a hacker can gain access to your emails and other accounts should one fall.  Last but not least, backup.  Yes, the dreaded B-word.  No one enjoys doing it, but it is one of the best ways from having your information stolen from you.  By keeping a digital copy of your personal information, data and documents you are basically keeping a virtual insurance policy that can act as a safety net in the event of a hack or breach leading to theft of information.

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