Filmmakers Cut Time and Costs in Almost Half With Media Toaster

With new technology that cuts costs and time Media Toaster presents the new way to post-production

With proprietary self-developed technologies, a unique workflow and expert solutions, Media Toaster’s industry veterans cut post-production costs and time in nearly half.

“We are artists for artists,” says producer Galen Walker. “Media Toaster here to help independent artists realize their vision by providing a better way of doing post. According to Galen Walker ” We combine our past experiences and new technologies to create innovative, proprietary processes with the goal of saving time and money.”

The tech centre offers customers the ability to meet deadlines in hours, rather than days or weeks, thus avoiding the gridlock encountered by distributors and content providers.

“We developed a new quality control process called the Quality Interactive File or ‘QI File,’ which allows us to see the issues that need correcting in QuickTime format,” says Walker. “It eliminates the need to go back to an editorial suite or revisit masters, which greatly cuts costs.”

The ‘QI File,’ does away with these obstacles by embedding an entire QC report directly into an HD file that is seen on the client’s computer or mobile device. Chief Technical Officer, Michael Meis, also notes, “We have further streamlined the process by creating a Client Virtual Desktop where our clients can securely access their files directly off our production server, which in turn saves even more time and allows us to work with filmmakers anywhere in the world.”

Media Toaster’s Galen Walker

The producers behind cult classics like “The Virgin Suicides,” and horror franchise “Halloween,” also introduce the “Monster File.” Walker explains, “It houses an unlimited amount of video and audio files in all formats – it’s used as a hub for worldwide delivery regardless of specs or broadcast standards.”

The Media Toaster content creators also have film and television experts at their fingertips. The multi-talented team is always on hand to provide the very best solutions in all areas.

Walker concludes, “We aim to make low-budget productions look and sound like blockbusters. With our technology we can help filmmakers everywhere across the globe whether they are here in the United States or anywhere.”

Thanks to Media Toaster, filmmakers looking to cut overhead expenses and time without sacrificing quality now have a new way to do post.

The Burbank-based establishment is currently working on FX’s hit show “Taboo,” STARZ’s action series “Black Sails” and AMC’s much anticipated “The Son” as well as many features including the supernatural thriller “Dead Awake,” and the 80s-based horror feature, “200 Hours.

For more about Media Toaster, please visit: http://www.mediatoaster.com

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