Film Industry Has Changed and CinemaStock Has The Solution


Film Industry Has Changed and CinemaStock Has The Solution

No segment of the media industry has had as many changes since the Millennium as the film industry. Technology and film production has changed. Film distribution has changed. On top of that, rapid currency fluctuations have played destruction with film producer’s cash flow forecasts.

The process of making a film is getting challenging because it involves a number of discrete stages including an initial story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and reproduction, editing, and screening the finished product before an audience that may result in a film release and exhibition.

Productions can include commercials, documentaries, training videos, short films and just about anything under the sun. Music video producers are constantly under pressure trying to keep within budget, meet schedules and ensure the smooth operation of the whole production. is proud to launch its stock footage platform offering low-cost subscription-based film footage, video and animation clips for YouTube video producers, Indie filmmakers, music video producers and video marketers. Filmed at a Las Vegas film studio led by producers David Marcus and Brandon Klock during a period of over 3 years, CinemaStock offers :

  • Hundreds of green-screen actors playing zombies, gangsters, policemen, protesters, tourists, pedestrians and other characters. All with removed backgrounds, ready for inserting into any scene.
  • Customizable, professionally filmed and acted spec commercials to be used by video marketers producing small business advertisements. Commercials can be customized for such businesses as home repair, cleaning services, attorneys, pizza restaurants, car wash, insect exterminators, etc. Some of the commercials were produced using animation techniques, including claymation with the use of stop-motion, as well as motion graphics.
  • B-roll, aerial, time-lapse, and editorial footage from variety of locations.
  • Music video inserts consisting of dancers, drink shots, and other elements perfect for producing music videos.
  • 3d models of vehicles, airplanes and helicopters that can be further animated using Adobe After Effects and inserted into custom scenes.
  • Music and audio clips with voice acting, sound effects and foley for adding to film, video, and other media.
  • All footage featuring individual actors and characters is model-released and available for use by filmmakers without further licensing fees. Outside/street/scenery footage may feature public and pedestrians and is marked and intended for editorial use.
  • Access to the video library is priced starting at $39.95/month, with 4K and 5K footage and Adobe project files available at higher subscription levels.
  • Discounted pricing will be offered through select partners.

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