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E-Commerce Solution For Beginners – Affiliate Programs

Not all people are ready to work full time for regular wage. Many of them wish to make their own money by using their skills and knowledge, insight and talents. Those who have enough capital and courage can start up business. Those who were less lucky often seek for opportunities in ecommerce.

The internet has become an important part of modern businesses regardless of their type. It offers various ecommerce solutions allowing you to get advantage over traditional retail and service sector including affiliate programs.

Affiliate partnership basics 

An affiliate program is a B2B (business to business) type of partnership that allows a manufacturer or seller to reduce expense on advertizing, marketing and customer acquisition. Instead, the business makes a deal with a partner who undertakes these functions for a certain percentage.

The typical method of such management implies placing affiliate links on your website often visited by potential customers which leads them to the web store where they may buy a certain product or service. If and when it happens, you get paid. Simple, but it won’t bring you much money without thorough approach.

Web shop as a form of affiliate website 

The good thing about affiliate programs is that it doesn’t matter what kind of site you have. Many partners place web links in videos on YouTube, on their blogs and in social media groups. But who said you can’t make a web store?

With a real web shop, although you work via the internet, you have to deal with real products. You have to buy them from manufacturers, stock them and deliver to customers. All of it may be too difficult and risky for a beginner. However, if such a shop works as an affiliate website, all you have to do is pure management.

Let’s see how this ecommerce solution works using an example. AliExpress is one of the most popular trading platforms nowadays and it also offers any users their affiliate program. So as a partner, one can make a web store and upload the products from AliExpress in their catalogue. It may seem that managing a shop takes too much time if compared with the profit, but with proper tools such as AliPlugin, you can substantially simplify this process. Now that you have a fully functional store, you can attract customers. Each time clients click your products, they are redirected to AliExpress where they make the actual purchase, and you get paid a percentage.

Affiliate store vs. web shop

As it was mentioned above, an affiliate partner cannot expect his or her profit to exceed that of a real store (assuming they both do well on the market), but it doesn’t mean that such e-commerce solution doesn’t have any advantages which are the following:

  • low start-up capital required;
  • low risks;
  • great experience for beginners;
  • good source of income in addition to your primary job.

In other words, if you are short of money, or you want to have another source of income, or you don’t feel experienced enough to start up a real store – an affiliate program is your best option. After getting some experience and knowledge about managing a web shop, you can switch to the real deal.

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