Clever Marketing Techniques for Businesses


Clever Marketing Techniques For Businesses

Getting customers to visit a website is one of the main goals for every business owner. That’s why so much time is spent shopping for the perfect domain name at sites like Novanym, Brandbucket and Brandroot. But, after a customer arrives at a site, what then? How can small, new, large or established companies retain a new customer without spending a fortune on marketing and promotion?

Clever Marketing Methods

Marketing in the Internet age doesn’t have to break the company budget. There are dozens of things businesses can do to bring in and retain long-term customers. Of course, a solid, carefully chosen domain name is one of the most cost-effective methods for attracting customers in the first place.

The old-school method of handing out business cards can be used in conjunction with an effective domain name. Here are some other reliable, low-cost marketing methods that work wonders for young and mature companies.

  • Purchasing a domain name at Brandroot, Novanym, or Brandbucket is a wise first step for any kind of marketing plan. An apt name can become a beacon for new customers and can help current customers know where to return when they need your product or service.
  • Once a customer is on your site, it helps to have some kind of free offer to generate interest and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Free reports, product samples, coupons, no-cost consultations, and helpful blog articles are among the most common things that businesses offer their site visitors. Establishing a healthy relationship with customers is a strategy that has proven itself over hundreds of years of retail practice.
  • Promote your domain name on shirts, merchandise and in social media. After acquiring a domain name from a company like Brandroot spend an amount of money spreading the word. Social media is a good place to start because it’s virtually free, but wearable merchandise like hats and shirts are another way to emblazon your domain name on the public’s memory.
  • Hooking up with local charities is another effective way to make your company and domain name known. Sponsor a fundraiser for the city’s homeless shelter, for a non-profit medical clinic, or for a needy school. By getting involved with worthwhile causes in the local area, your company will become an embedded part of the regional business culture.

After buying a domain name from Novanym, Brandbucket or Brandroot, it’s a good idea to sit down and decide how you are going to promote the business name locally and nationally. Marketing doesn’t have to be boring and costly. In fact, promotional activities are usually some of the most interesting, rewarding parts of building a new business.

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