Chantly Released a Brand New Single Called “I Grind” ! Check It Out

Inspiration, guidance, and direction is what we all need to survive in this cold world. Change is what we all pray for even though it seems like there is no hope. Music today is very destructive and degrading. There are no real leaders in the game today. Most people are for money and self. It’s sad to say, but there are a few people who would do anything just for a come up.

Chantly is an hip hop artist who strives to be different. Standing up for something is more important to him than fitting in. His leadership, grind, talent, and drive got his name circulating throughout industry. He is a well respected artist in North Carolina because of his street smarts, wisdom, clever word play, powerful delivery, and business qualities. These characteristics landed him the opportunity to intern at a local radio station called WPEG-POWER 98, which helped him gain a network that could help him prosper.

Recently Chantly released a brand new single called “I Grind”, where he speaks about working hard to rise above the struggle. Praying for better days is something he found himself doing on a regular. He barely had time to give any energy to any hater who didn’t see his vision. Staying down for this cause until his dreams come to fruition was always his motto. Educating his fans on how to maneuver do the bad days and still make a way, was his primary goal and intention on making his hit record.

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