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“Never, never give up!”

“Never, never give up!” That was what the filmmaker Sharath Chandra had to say when asked what advice he would give to aspiring movie makers. And by all accounts, Sharath lives his own advice. He never gave up even though he was thousands of miles away from his home country of India. Even when he was living alone in the Philippines and going to the prestigious film school, the International Academy of Film & Television there he never gave up.

He never gave up when he decided to come to Hollywood and enroll in the famed New York Film Academy and earn another degree in film. He has worked on a lot of projects in Los Angeles, as well as the Philippines and India and he is now almost exclusively working on features in Hollywood. He knows every phase of filmmaking but lately he has worked as 1st and 2nd Assistant Camera person and is now a camera operator.


Some of the feature-length motion pictures Sharath has worked on are, Forced To Kill, Cozmo, Shake Off The World, Regen, The Unbidden, Cold and Solitaire. Sharath had a great time on Shake Off The World. That is the story of a high school athlete who thinks he has a very successful life path ahead of him until a life-changing event takes place and scraps all of his plans. He has to change schools, get new friends and make huge adjustments in his life all the while realizing that his dreams are no longer attainable. That. Of course, is when he “shakes off the world” and pulls himself up and forward. It’s a good film and a sensitive story. The camera work is terrific and when you see the focus change from one character to another, know that Sharath’s hands were turning the lens very carefully and accurately just so you could see the actor’s face clearly.

Sharath, has done all jobs on the camera crew including focus puller and he has also had to help set up the camera and load the film for every shot. When you see the movie you’ll understand why the camera people are considered the most valuable members of the film crew: they do it right and they just never give up.

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