Australian Actress Discusses Her Eating Disorders

Australian Actress, Alli McLaren, who is set to film her new series ‘Gym Rats’ later this year has opened up in a heartfelt post on social media about her eating disorders. Alli came public with her eating disorders back in 2015 but never really shared her story or how she got better, she says she is choosing to share it now because she finally feels at peace with herself and the person she is. Alli says she hopes this will help inspire other people to talk about their struggles and stories and create awareness around the issue.

This is what Alli wrote:
‘Most people use social media to post about their weight loss stories, however my story is the opposite to that. The photo on the left was taken 5 years ago when I was suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia and weighing about 90lbs (40 kilos). I was obsessed with being size 00, hardly ate food, didn’t live a happy life and lost a lot of friends over that time. The second photo I took today, do I see flaws and imperfections? Absolutely. But I also see that I’m happy. Living with eating disorders has been one of the hardest chapters of my life so far and it’s something I still am constantly silently struggling with, but I’m learning to believe there is strength in my story and sharing it with others. One morning I woke up and decided I didn’t want to live that way anymore, and changed my life. I think learning to love yourself in your own skin is the most powerful strength of all’


instagram: @allimclaren
twitter: @allimclaren

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