An Interview with a young Sri Lankan music composer Tariq

Tariq, singer and music composer from Sri Lanka who started working for Indian music industry from 2016

Music is an essential component of Indian film and Non film industry. The last few years in India the industry has seen the rise of many new talents.

We had the opportunity to interview Tariq, singer and music composer from Sri Lanka who started working for Indian music industry from 2016. Tariq talks about team work and the current trend in the Indian music industry.

What motivated you to work as music composer?

“I have been making music since 2014. It started with instrumental beats, I think I gave a try at that time, and it worked.  I usually try to work out for singing, but music I still don’t know what exactly motivated me to do. But I used to do critical listening in songs, background music in films and so on. I believe it was me that I put myself into it.”

Your recent album is Izhaar-e-Ishq. How was the experience working with your team?


“It was really great, I enjoyed every moment. The recording sessions went very well as expected. I was so happy that I selected correct singers for each song. And of course, I have to.

My lyric writer did great works throughout the album. He did everything well what I wanted without any delay. And it was him named the album as ‘Izhaar-e-Ishq’ I just said OK that’s it. I am so lucky to have him.

Considering the post production, mixing engineers did the job absolutely well. The way we worked via the internet cloud was really interesting. Thanks to the technology.

It was a good team work produced a better output.”

Tell us a bit about your upcoming project?

“I planned to work for a Tamil song, but before that I am just thinking to work for another Hindi track, a romantic melody again most probably. These are the updates what I have for you now. You know it’s hard to speculate for the time being.”

It looks like you made a breakthrough in Bollywood music. Nowadays in Bollywood many people talk about Ankit Tiwari, the young sensational singer and music composer of “Sunn Raha Hai” song. So will it be a challenge to make music among the popular ones like Ankit?

“Regarding the breakthrough in film music, I don’t think so. I am just working for Indian music industry in the area of Non-film music. And yes, it is a breakthrough in terms of Non-film.

Music in India is not just about film. It connected with lots of regional music, Gazals, classical and so on. And these are not far away from film music. The same artists involved in film music do the job in Gazals, regional albums, and it is usual such as Shreya Ghoshal has sung a beautiful song in Rahman sir’s album. So the voices are same in many non-film compositions.

Also it is not my primary concern now to work for a film, because I’m happy the way I do right now. Things are happening very well, so let’s continue.

Ankit, he is a very good singer and composer, he has been outstanding indeed. And of course it’s a challenge to make music in films among the popular guys as a composer.

You know still it’s not the hardest thing. But definitely a challenging work.”



As a singer who would you like to work for?

“I like to sing for many composers, but I love to sing at least a song for Ilaiyaraaja sir if I get an opportunity. I am a big fan of Carnatic music and this is one of the main reasons I’m really interested. “

You told us that you are going to work for another romantic melody probably. Any room for rock songs in future?

“Obviously yes! Why not?  When there’s a need for rock genre, I’d consider. But for the time being, I’m not going to work for it. I think it may take some time to get it in my checklist.” 

We know you are a Sri Lankan, but you talk like an Englishman. It’s just impressive and we believe you probably have been to Europe or US for a long if we are not mistaken. Can you tell us about the experiences or how did you learn to speak to this level?

“Oh! No. Believe me I was bad in English when I was going to school.

I never lived both in the United States and Europe. But I have important people over there in Tampa, Portland and so on. I used to talk to them always. You know a guy of Illinois speaks different from a guy of New York; A California girl differs from a girl of North Carolina. This is what exactly happened. I’m in touch with people who are residing in several states in the US. So I learned the nuances from them.

And importantly, this year I got a good training in the University of Berkeley, California which was an online one.  It was designed for Journalists everywhere. I have a passion in writing, especially in investigative reporting. So I took part in the training. It was immensely great and something very special, and it was all about writing, writing and writing. Nothing else. The good thing is still I’m learning it.

But, still there’s a question “Englishman,” Not “American” I think this is due to my self-learning and my dad who inspired me a lot.”


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