5 Things Originally Invented for a Different Purpose

5 Simple Things Originally Invented for a Different Purpose

 1 ) Rings

a ring used to have a more practical purpose: the nobility used rings as a seal, archers protected their fingers from bowstring injuries, while needlewomen — from needle pricks. Later on, a ring showed the social status of its wearer: only noblemen were allowed to wear golden rings.

2) Holes in EarPods

The holes in earphones have a very important mission: they allow air to circulate through the speakers to increase low frequencies


Today’s men’s fragrances were originally used as medicine. Eau de cologne was a miracle item: it helped against poisons, fleas, and even the plague.

4) High heels

In the past, high heels were a part of male fashion. The first “crash testers” were soldiers. Heels guaranteed a good grip on the horse stirrups. Only later did high heels make their move from the military arena to the fashion world.

5) Holes in LEGO toys

To protect a child from suffocation if he or she swallows a piece. These holes allow the air to circulate and get to the lungs

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