10 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Malaysia

If you think You really know #Malaysia You need to think again

We all know the Petronas Twin Towers and the name reminds us of the exotic of the food. But Malaysia is more than that, and we have collected here 10 things you don’t know about it.

1. The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

It was built to withstand 3 feet of snow and was built in 1910 to replace the only 2 stations available until that year.

2. Kuala Lumpur: the top Capital City of lightning

Kuala Lumpur has 200 days of Thunderstorm a year, while London has only 20 and New York 10.

3. The world’s highest suspension bridge

It is located in Mount Kinabalu, 3,600 meters above the sea level.

4. The world’s longest Insect

It was discovered in Sabah, named the Chan’s Megastick, and it is 14.1 inches long.

5. The biggest Cockroach infestation on the planet

It is located in Gomantog Cave in Sabah and is the biggest infestation of Cockroaches of the World.

6. No Bats, no Durians

Durian Trees flowers only bloom at night and so bats are the main pollinators, flowers, that are pollinated by bats produce better fruits and more bundles.

8. 140 spoken languages

Malaysia has 140 spoken languages including dialects and match-up languages.

9. National Car named “Proton Saga” during a Scrabble Game

A person named Ismail Jafaar during a scrabble game figured out that the word “saga” can be acronym of “safety”, “achievement”, “greatness”, “ability” – making the proton saga the top seller car in the UK in 1989.

10. The Largest Roundabout in The World

That’s 2.7 miles! This roundabout is located near the Prime Minister’s office. Although the book states that Putrajaya has the world’s largest roundabout, there is some dispute, as some say that The Savannah, located in the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, holds the title for having the world’s largest roundabout.

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